Uma entrevista muito interessante com a professora, pesquisadora e ativista Alison Hearn.

Boas questões sobre política na universidade, relação professor-aluno e pedagogias alternativas.


Teaching and Organizing in the Ruins of Universities: An Interview with Alison Hearn



Summary:  From the wilderness of adjuncting to university occupations and the Quebec student uprisings, professor Alison Hearn (U. of Western Ontario) discusses how we can create organizing grounds in the ruins of universities. The classroom presents possibilities for connecting pedagogy with organizing, while grappling with the tensions of context, faculty authority, and student resistance.  Rather than falling into either authoritarian or hippy-dippy, de-professionalized modes of teaching, Hearn talks about how an ethically responsible approach can escape the academic capitalist rat race and build relationships across divisions of workers and students.

Quebec Student Uprisings: The University is Ours

CW: The Quebec student uprisings are awesome.  Has any of that affected Toronto?

Alison: There have been a lot of solidarity rallies.  In fact I’m going to one tonight.  They do this thing every night in Quebec now, it’s called the Casseroles, where they go out in the street and bang on pots and pans, and that started to happen in the wake of the introduction of this law, Law 78, which is incredibly repressive and outlaws demonstrations.  It was brought in response to the student strikes and the demos they were doing, and it just ended up enflaming the general public, so there have been a lot of solidarity rallies.  I think in Ontario now, with the Canadian Federation of Students—a union, which started as a student solidarity network—I think the goal is to try to put structures in place around tuition fees and, not call a strike, but basically start to build in the same way they did in Quebec.  The events in Quebec took years to build, the kind of infrastructure that was there and the student union movement took a long time, at least a couple of years if not longer.

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